What are your rates?
My rates vary depending on the type of shoot you are booking. My rates are reasonable within the market. Please contact me and I will send you all the info for your special day.

Do you stay through the reception?
Typically, no. I am there to get you ready before the wedding. If you would like to have me there for the entire day, contact me for a reasonable day rate.

Do you use airbrush?
Yes, I prefer to use airbrush when doing makeup application. I do have regular foundation if you would prefer, but the benefits of airbrush far out way regular foundation that I have never had a client opt otherwise. See my services section for more information about airbrush.

Is there a cost difference between airbrush and regular foundation?
No, the cost is the same either medium you choose.

Do you travel to the site?
I do travel to your “getting ready” site. If it is outside the Indianapolis area I do charge the national standard mileage. Contact me to get an exact quote.

Do you do trial runs?
Yes, I do trial runs from a studio in Zionsville.

Do you do lashes?
Yes, I do false lashes. Please see my service section for more information about lashes.

What type of makeup do you use?
I am a makeup junkie!! I use any and everything that works well, is made to last, and is beautiful. I am always on the lookout for anything that will revolutionize my makeup application. You can trust that I will come armed with the products to help you achieve the perfect look you are going for.

How far in advanced should I book you?
The earlier you book, the better off you will be to ensure I’m available for your day. Typically, you should book at least six months in advance.